Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jewels that bring a sparkle to my eye...

Hello friends! How is your week going? We have been so busy here in the store! Between setting up for the Lea Ann Belter Trunk Show that starts this weekend to seeing brides, we have hardly been able to catch our breath! But, I have some fabulous finds for you today that I know will bring a smile to your lips and a light into your eyes!

In going through all of the packages that have been arriving, I opened up a box containing the most spectacular jeweled belts and combs from Desla Couture, an incredible accessories designer! Inside the box were jewels that I could spend hours gazing at fondly! The craftsmanship of these pieces is second to none, and the styling is perfect for that young, modern bride that wants to up the wow factor of her bridal ensemble. Desla designs belts, necklaces, cuffs, and they most darling 3-in-1 broaches!

Take a look and see for yourself...

Tatiana is definitely a belt that I could just stare at all day long!

Nadia is a belt that would work perfectly with a lace gown due to its' unique shape and design

Zelda is one of their 3-in-1 broaches! Use it as a belt, a broach, or a hair comb!

Pearl is a stunning bib necklace that would be perfect paired with a simple gown

I love Rose, it would be the perfect necklace for an outdoor wedding, or a rehearsal dinner accessory!
Aren't these pieces amazing! As I was posting them, I realized that I clearly have an obsession with the chunky, super sparkly pieces - 3 out of 5 are from the same design! What was your favorite piece? Head over to Desla's website and find your favorite design and then come to The Bride's Room to place your order!

On a slightly different note, I am working on upcoming ideas for the blog. If there is anything that you want to read about, please send me an email and I will post an article! Also, please pass this site on to all of your friends! I would love to grow my following and y'all all know fun, cute girls that would love reading about everything bridal!

Keep checking back, I am going to be announcing some giveaways in celebration of The Bride's Room 1 year anniversary!! I will post a few things between now and July 6th, but mark your calendars for that day, because there will be all sorts of exciting surprises!

As always, much love,

The Bridal Belle

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