Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All you need is Love!

Happy Wednesday afternoon! I am so excited to post today! First of all, we are just a day and a half away from the Big Day! Have you made your watching party plans? I know that I am going to wear a fabulous jeweled tiara (even though that really isn't my favorite look) and darling pajamas and watch the wedding from the comfort of my bed! Speaking of tiaras, I wonder which one Kate will wear? Will it be the same one that Diana wore when she married Price Charles, or will she wear one borrowed from the Crown Jewels? Personally, I simply adore Diana's tiara and would wear it every day if I could!

This topic leads me to my next big announcement...The Bride's Room has been chosen as a Flagship Store for the most fabulous new designer, Love Veils and Accessories! I am beyond thrilled to be adding this collection to our other amazing accessories offerings! Love was just launched by an adorable UT Longhorn, Cori Middlebrooks. Cori is absolutely darling, and her personality shines in her collection. Precious headbands, hairpins, and birdcage veils are just part of the line. Her veiling collection is absolutely inspired. She has designed a wide range of shapes and then given the bride an array of trims and each bride designs her custom veil!

I love that every veil will end up being slightly different from the last, and each veil will speak to the individual bride's unique style and personality. It becomes rather easy as a bride to just pick a veil out of a small selection at any given salon and decide that that veil works. With Love, you get to pick every detail of your veil right here in The Bride's Room. This way, you will know how your veil will look with the dress you are about to buy! I love it!

Take a peek...


Santa Barbara




Folded Mantilla - custom veiling

Waterfall - custom veiling
Are you as obsessed with Love as I am?? How could you not be? All we need is to have a design named for Fort Worth! I love the clean elegance to the pieces. So simple, yet so fabulous! And the greatest thing about these pieces is that they can be worn over and over again to every fabulous event you get invited to!

We will be debuting the collection in June, so watch for upcoming information about the launch!

As always, much love

The Bridal Belle

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