Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bride meets dress

As I think about this past weekend, the thing that strikes me is the look on a bride's face when she puts on "the" dress. As I hear from all of the mothers that visit me, "she looks gorgeous in everything she tries on, so this is such a hard decision". I actually think just the opposite. Yes, every bride to be is going to look lovely in every dress they try on, however there is something magical that happens when a bride puts on "the" dress for the first time. Her face lights up, her smile doubles in size, and she cant stop touching the gown.

This is that one moment where she has connected with her wedding dress. I love watching this happen. Mothers start crying, sisters are excited, and friends can't sit still! It is the moment that a girl dreams of her whole life, and she has finally lived out the fantasy. Time stops and all the bride can do is stare at herself in the mirror and take in her bridal beauty.

Now, here is where things can sometimes go awry. Our blushing bride has found the dress...and she decides she needs to try on "just a few more dresses...to be sure". Uh oh... This is just about the biggest mistake that a bride can make. When you have found the dress that you want to walk down the aisle in, stop looking! All you will do is confuse yourself! I know, trying on big, beautiful wedding dresses is an incredibly fun pastime, but you must make the decision that as soon as you know it is "the" dress you will buy it! As Randy Fenoli, our favorite Say Yes to the Dress star says, "you don't date every guy out there just to make sure there isn't a better guy waiting for you. You know that he is the only man for you just like you have to know that this is the only dress for you".

So brides, when you plan your day (or days) of gown shopping, remember to go with your gut instinct and when you have your magical moment...say yes to the dress!

As always, much love.

The Bridal Belle

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