Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Catherine's gown...simply (Mc)Queen-ly!

How amazing was the Royal Wedding?? I can't seem to tear myself away from all of the pictures and articles and tweets! So many fabulous details to dissect and discuss! I'm not sure about yall, but I was up this morning at 3:15 watching E!'s Live from the Royal Wedding coverage, and it was fabulous! First of all, let me say that I love Giuliana Rancic! She is adorable and so funny.

Ok, back to the wedding! What did you think of Princess Catherine's gown? I think that Sarah Burton did an exquisite job with this. It was so elegant and royal, but with a touch of modernity to it. And I must take a moment to celebrate the lace sleeves that were a part of the gown. They were to die for! I hope this dress helps to bring a style other than strapless back into style. And the lace at the bottom of the gown was a perfect finishing touch. It was interesting this morning, Giuliana was showing a picture of Grace Kelly on her wedding day, and made the comment that Catherine might draw inspiration from this gown. The other commentators didn't think that would happen, that Catherine would go with a slimmer silhouette - they were wrong! Catherine's gown was such a modern take of Grace Kelly's dress!

Grace Kelly, left; Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, left
What a stunning gown! Royal simplicity
 I could just look at these pictures all day! On to the church - what did you think about the use of trees INSIDE Westminster Abbey!? I think it was an absolutely inspired idea! It made that space so warm and intimate. Such a lovely way to add nature into that grand space without doing the traditional flower arrangements.

It's almost as if the wedding took place outside
I have a feeling that we are going to see quite a few weddings with this same theme! However, I am not sure if we could all find trees to bring inside of the church where the wedding will be taking might be just a bit outside the budget!!

Here are a few more of my favorite wedding moments...

Prince William was so handsome in his uniform! And I loved that the camera caught him telling Catherine that she looked beautiful!

Father of the bride

Very royal
The happy couple kissing for the world

Catherine is just the second commoner to ever be on this balcony!
Well, there are my thoughts on the Royal Wedding! Now, I just need to get this dress!! What did you think? What were your favorite moments? Post your thoughts below!

As always, much love

The Bridal Belle

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